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In May 2018 the food activities have been extended to the Polish market. A team of experienced sales people take care of the specific market segments of the local clients. An own local application lab completes the service to our clients in Poland.



radoslaw bojar

Radoslaw Bojar was born in 1972 in Warsaw. He studied home economics and nutritional science at the University of Agriculture in Warsaw. After his studies Radoslaw started working at Kamis (an herbs and spices manufacturer) as an R&D Specialist. During the following 11 years he was responsible for the product development of spice blends and convenience food for the Polish, Russian and Romanian market. After that he was responsible for product development for Kamis’s new B2B company activities. In 2008 he continued his professional career at the Tea Company “Intea” as an R&D Manager. In that role Radoslaw was responsible for the development of flavoured and non-flavoured teas, herbal teas and infusions for the new company brand in the Polish market. As Head of the Research and Development department, Radoslaw has been in charge of the company’s rebranding activities for the oldest Polish tea brand "Posti".

Since May 2018 Radosław has been working with C.H.Erbsloeh as Application Manager for the group’s food ingredients brand innotaste.

+48 22 899 1944



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