Consumers and retailers expect high quality products for little money. To remain profitable the big and long-term successful ingredient suppliers are obliged to decrease the individual market coverage and to increase the minimum order quantites.

innotaste´s aim is to make the most successful products of its partners also available for local food and beverage producers. A selection of these products is continuously carried out in close collaboration with its suppliers. A big part of the product range innotaste keeps on stock so that even smaller orders are available for the clients within short time.

innotaste builds the bridge between the individual client requirements and the suppliers` know-how on product technologies and consumer insights.

innotaste´s perceives itself as an innovative and reliable partner for their clients. For this there will be further co-operations with further selective suppliers whose high quality products are a perfect addition to the current product range of innotaste. Due to the contacts to the food and beverage producers, innotaste is the ideal platform for high quality products from outside suppliers.



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