Corona virus - influence on the current delivery and availability situation


20th August 2021

Dear Sir or Madam,

As far as the global outbreak of the novel corona virus is concerned, there is still no immediate impact on the majority of our product portfolio.

Our partners' worldwide production facilities are currently running continuously and uninterruptedly in a regulated and planned timeframe. We are already counteracting possible delays in the supply chain with further forward-looking ordering and stockpiling measures. We currently see only occasionally delays in our production or delivery schedules for the products we sell. We are constantly in close contact with our partners and will inform you immediately in case of any interruptions in the supply chain.

In view of the measures ordered to reduce social contacts and the associated targeted reduction of the potential for infection, we have taken appropriate measures for our employees in the warehouse and shipping department as well as in the administration and sales department. Separation in time and space should offer a maximum of protection, but through the use of modern communication technology we are still always available for you.

The C.H. Erbslöh Group is closely monitoring the situation and evaluating the likely consequences for our worldwide activities. Both legal requirements and recommendations, e.g. of the Robert Koch Institute, are included in this observation and are implemented accordingly in our pandemic crisis plan. We will do our best to keep you informed of all new developments.

Please contact our account managers if you have any questions.

Yours sincerely and please stay in good health


innotaste GmbH (C.H. Erbslöh Group)


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Since its' foundation in 2004 innotaste (from „innovation“ and „taste“) has been the flavour distribution partner in Germany for the international Firmenich group. Within a few months further strategic principals have joined and innotaste has expanded its business activities to several European countries. The aim of these co-operations is to improve the service to our common food and beverage clients.

To achieve this, experienced Firmenich employees from Sales & Marketing and distribution experts from German C.H. Erbslöh group have become a unity by founding innotaste GmbH. Since then innotaste has taken the responsibility for the food activities of the parent company C.H. Erbslöh which has already been operational with own subsidiaries in several European countries for many years. Since its foundation back in 1876, C.H. Erbslöh is a family-owned modern distribution company in 5th generation which successfully links international producers of high quality specialties with European clients. This creative merger clearly differentiates innotaste from its’ competitors.

With the selective and market driven extension of the product portfolio innotaste has a clear focus on only a few suppliers rather than offering an entire product portfolio from A-Z.

A computer-aided warehousing (4000 tons capacity, DIN ISO-9001:2015) and own regional application labs make innotaste a reliable and flexible partner on the European market for food and beverage ingredients.

The keys to success are:

innotaste sees itself as a partner for innovative solutions. The tailor made service package is made to suit the individual demands of the business partner. Flexibility, know-how of the market and proximity to the customer determine innotaste`s activity.



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