tea extracts

Hot Water Soluble (HWS) Tea Extracts
These extracts are designed for making hot tea beverages – hence the name. Finlays uses top quality Kenyan or Sri Lankan leaf tea and these extracts have a deep red colour and excellent full-bodied flavour. Perfect for formulations with milk powders to make ‘instant’ hot tea beverages, they’re also high in the healthy, natural ingredient, Theoflavins.

Cold Water Soluble (CWS) Tea Extracts
These extracts dissolve fully in cold water for making ‘Ready to Drink’ (RTD) tea beverages. They are also used in a wide range of beverage, food and non-food applications.
Finlays uses top quality leaf tea to produce extracts, which dissolve to a clear solution in cold water and can be designed to meet different liquor colour levels and Ph stability. Additionally, they can provide them in a powder, liquid or frozen concentrate form. The current range of CWS tea extracts is extensive and encompasses:

Carbohydrate Blended Tea Extracts
Finlays can blend any of the CWS tea extracts with maltodextrin to produce specialised products for the food service and dairy trade.

Finlays captures the natural aroma formed during the tea brewing process of both green and black tea. This is becoming an increasingly popular way of enhancing the flavour of RTD iced tea formulations.

Tea Caffeine
Finlays producers 98.5%+ Caffeine from Tea, an increasingly valuable alternative to caffeine from coffee and synthetic caffeine, with a more positive consumer perception.



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