Orafti® inulin

Beneficial ingredients from natural sources

BENEO’s inulin and oligofructose are derived from chicory. They replace fat and sugar and can reduce the caloric value of products, without altering its taste or texture. Moreover, as prebiotic fibres, they help to improve the digestive system and support the absorption of more essential minerals from foods, contributing to bone health and general well-being.

Orafti® Inulin is a white, odourless, soluble powder with a slightly sweet taste and no aftertaste. It is a mixture of oligo- and polysaccharides which are composed of fructose units connected by ß (2-1) links. Almost every molecule is terminated by a glucose unit. The total number of fructose or glucose units (Degree of Polymerisation or DP) of chicory inulin ranges mainly between 2 and 60.

Orafti® Inulin can stabilise water into a creamy structure with the same mouthfeel as fat. This enables product developers to replace part of the fat content with Orafti® and reduce the energy content of products, while maintaining a smooth, creamy texture.

Orafti® Inulin can be used to improve the body and mouthfeel of low-fat products, delivering roundness and creaminess as well as a better balanced flavour. It also stabilises emulsions and dispersions and improves the stability of mousses and foams.



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