Historically, humans consumed about equal amounts Omega-6 and Omega-3, both polyunsaturated fats. One important reason to keep the balance between these two fats is the body's inflammatory response system. Omega-6 is pro-inflammatory and Omega-3 is anti-inflammatory. The human body needs both. Unnecessary inflammation in the human body is believed to be a key component behind a long list of ailments including coronary heart disease, arthritis, eczema, Alzheimer and the list goes on. Omega-3, particularly EPA, is needed to naturally prevent or curb chronic inflammation. The ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 should be from 1:1 to 5:1. However, typical Western diets provide a ration ranging from 10:1 to 30:1.

Omega-3 is an important building block in the human body. The brain, heart, eye and nervous systems are, or should be, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly DHA. Without it, the body doesn't seem to work as efficiently. The three most common types of omega-3 fatty acids are the short-chain ALA, which is derived from plant sources, and the long-chain EPA and DHA which are derived mainly from fish. Denomega’s marine oils are rich in long-chain EPA and DHA and maintain the natural broad spectrum Omega-3 profile. The clear benefit of fish oil over fish is the ability to purify the oil. An optimized refining process removes most of the pollutants to levels below typical detection.

The current portfolio covers:

Pure Arctic 360 Premium is a premium quality, ultra-fresh Omega-3 oil derived from Arctic Cod Liver and Norwegian Salmon. The oil has no taste or odour and is well suited for dietary supplements, functional foods and clinical nutrition.

Pure Arctic Premium Dry is a free-flowing, cold-water dispersible powder made from highly purified Pure Arctic 360 Premium fish oil and carbohydrates.

Pure Arctic Classic Blend is a unique blend of ultra-fresh Norwegian Arctic Cod Liver and Norwegian Salmon oils. The oil has a delicate texture, and neutral taste and odour and is well suited for emulsions.

Pure Arctic Salmon is an ultra-fresh oil derived from top quality Norwegian Salmon.

Pure Arctic Classic Cod Liver Oil is a premium quality Omega-3 oil which is fully refined, and fulfils requirements set in the European Pharmacopoeia type A. The oil is neutral in taste and odour and it is well suited for liquids.

Pure Arctic Standard Cod Liver Oil is a high quality oil which is highly refined, and fulfills requirements set in the European Pharmacopoeia type A. This oil is well suited for encapsulation.

Pure Arctic 33/22 TG is a high quality concentrate derived from sustainable cold-water oily fish such as wild Peruvian Anchovies, Pacific Chub Mackerel and Sardines.



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