herbs & spices

Spicemasters provides a wide variety of processed and unprocessed herbs and spices. The company undertakes the selection and importation of raw materials, and because of their own production location – Mouw Maalderij BV – Spicemasters can rapidly carry out all the necessary processing operations so that our clients can count on the quality and reliable delivery service. This counts for the selection and importation of raw materials to the processing, packaging and storage of the products.

Spicemasters specializes in the following (whole and processed) products, among others:

The comprehensive product overview is available upon request from your innotaste contact.

We are happy to think along with our clients about the possibility of enhancing their product with added value in the form of the development of formulas or other kinds of processing. Spicemasters and innotaste are also happy to undertake the fulfilment of tasks such as packaging and transport. A fine product deserves our full attention.

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