Today’s baker understands that visual appeal is a key driver for consumers. To help address this market demand, Kerry has developed a new and innovative range of egg-free, clean label glazes, for use in prebake and post-bake applications. Created for use in both industrial and craft bakeries, HiGlaze™ is an allergen free product delivering superior shine and golden colour across a wide range of applications. Kerry’s team of experts understands the importance of delivering high-quality baked goods to consumers, while managing costs and maintaining consistent performance. To help you achieve this, Kerry’s ready-to-use HiGlaze™ range of UHT liquid glazes delivers superior functionality in the bakery while reducing reliance on the volatile egg market. As the world’s leading supplier of innovative taste and nutrition systems, Kerry’s extensive experience in delivering tailored solutions allows innotaste to help our customers create high quality, visually appealing foods to meet their market needs.

Product benefits:

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