Natural sugars extracted from fruits

The Grap’Sud group has an industrial section dedicated to the extraction of the sugars present in fruits. Grapes, apples, and dates make up the palette of fruits used to maintain a permanent supply and price stability in the long term.

The Nutritis range is composed of four natural and standardized sugars produced from rectification of the fruit concentrates, and the words “natural fruit sugars” are therefore authorized to appear on the packaging. Main applications are Food (drinks, ice-creams, jams, 100% fruit preparations, dietetic products) and Pharmaceuticals.


Natural antioxidants – phenolic compounds

The Grap’Sud group, established in the heart of several French vineyards, benefits from a vast supply of grape seeds (vitis vinifera) which are rich in polyphenols. The seeds selected by the quality service offer extracts that are standardized and guaranteed in oligomeric procyanidins (OPC).

Water-soluble and presented without a carrier, the Grap’Sud extracts have been based on many scientific studies in order to fulfil an increasingly wide range of applications, such as

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