botanical extracts

More than 300 species have been selected and are processed by EPO. They come from every corner of the world, but mainly originate from Italy and Europe, as the company is specialized in producing botanical extracts belonging to the Mediterranean tradition.

It is available as an ORGANIC product list of plants, carefully selected from Northern and Central Italy. The GAMMA CORE is a top selection of plants, covering 14 healthy areas; the extracts belonging to the GAMMA CORE are always on stock.

All the extracting, concentration and drying processes are studied and validated, first by the R&D department and then on an industrial scale, in order to fully respect the integrity of the phytocomplex. The production processes are carried out only with water and ethanol, which are natural solvents, traditionally used, and which are therefore safe for human health. All production phases are based on the long expertise EPO has developed over the years and obtained by the use of cutting-edge technologies, to ensure a minimum impact on the environment.

The wide fields of applications for EPO’s extracts include Nutraceuticals (Food supplements), Pharmaceuticals (API or herbal drugs), food and beverages (Functional food), and pet food.

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