GRAP'SUD is a union of cooperative distilleries specialized in the production and sale of products made from grapes. Strategically placed at the heart of a number of different winegrowing areas, sharing resources and skills, GrapSud reaps the benefits of exceptional supply conditions and continuously evolving technology. Its growth is based on a strategy of conquering new markets. The teams, working at the heart of the markets in France, Europe and worldwide, have built up special relationships with partner companies, customers and distributors.

GRAP'SUD is constantly investing in its production equipment and has set up stringent production processes accompanied by uncompromising quality control measures.

The Grap’Sud group, which is established in several major vineyards, benefits from vast collection areas that provide constant supply and a diversified offer. The portfolio of agro-food products thus offers references that highlight this diversity of origins, profiles, and intrinsic features.

The eco-design of the Grap’Sud agro-food solutions fits perfectly into an international context that encourages sustainable production. Given the recent food crises and the numerous ingredients that have come in for criticism, naturalness is becoming a value with the potential to reassure consumers.


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