Coralim is a Spanish company specialized in the design and manufacture of colours for different sectors of the food industry.

For more than 40 years Coralim has been offering the best colouring solutions answering to the market’s newest demands. Coralim continuously works on researching and developing new solutions, using novel ingredients and combinations to improve their usability in the manufacture of the Coralim products.

Whatever colour you look to for your daily activity, innotaste and Coralim can deliver it to best meet your product needs.

The new range of coloring food products is based on juice concentrates and extracts from selected vegetables and fruits. The careful production process secures the sensitive pigments of the natural raw materials.

All the products comply with the EU guidance notes on the classification of food extracts with colourant properties. Coralim’s production plants fulfil the highest quality standards.

Our team will help you solve any legislation doubts that may arise.


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