The Dutch company AkzoNobel/Nouryon was founded in the year 1646 and was originally a manufacturer of paints and varnishes. Since then, the company has grown into an international group of companies with 50,000 employees active in 80 countries.

In Germany alone, AkzoNobel/Nouryon has so far around 3,700 employees over 25 sites. The company has its headquarters in the Netherlands. Various production sites are located throughout Germany and are subdivided into segments. The company’s core customer base includes companies and end consumers from around the world.

In order to guarantee the quality of top notch products and technologies in a rapidly changing world, AkzoNobel/Nouryon is continuously working on sustainable solutions for its customers through innovative products and intensive development.

“AkzoNobel/Nouryon’s Functional Ingredients” is the division responsible for the production of special food ingredients.
As well as salt specialties and cellulose products, the product range includes various bases for chelate complexes. This product group also includes the “Ferrazone” iron complex and the Calcium Disodium EDTA “Solvitar”.

The areas of application are as extensive as the product portfolio itself. As well as in food products, they are also used in the food supplements and pharmaceutical sectors.

innotaste has been working with the international AkzoNobel/Nouryon group since the beginning of 2014.




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