Cesarin is a family-owned company producing purely natural fruits & vegetable ingredients. The Company was established in 1920 and has always operated in the agro-food industry. The special attention placed on innovation by qualified staff aimed at Research and Development has permitted the Company to cope with a rapidly evolving market that is ever more demanding as far as productivity standards are concerned and, moreover, to consolidate strong and long co-operative relationships with the main industries of the sector, in both domestic and foreign markets. That philosophy has enabled the Company to anticipate the market, broadening their own productive horizon, placing the transformation of fruit side by side with that of vegetables.

The new range of vegetables was created by exploiting the know-how that has matured during ten years of industrial activity.

The importance given to communication and a constant presence at the main international fairs and productive flexibility have taken Cesarin S.p.A. to the pinnacle of the industry, strengthening the company’s presence in the domestic and foreign markets. Over the course of these years, the Company has skillfully achieved the requirements of reliability demanded to meet the highest standards of the food industry, and so has become the ideal partner for the major players in the food market.


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